About Me

Joe Murray

Career Coach and Resume Writer at Resume Synergy


I am a graduate of Seton Hall University with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. I have over 10 years of experience consulting in the financial, accounting, and media industries.

I have been a Career Coach with Resume Synergy (www.resumesynergy.com) where I work with a variety of clients ranging from newly graduated college students to 40 year veterans of the workforce looking for career transitions.

Most importantly, I am a parent who has spent thousands of hours analyzing children’s television, movies, music and toys as well as finding the best parenting hacks through real life experiences and reliable experts.

Additionally, as an Amazon Associate I earn a comission from qualifying purchases.


If you are interested in having me as a guest on your podcast, blog, or video, please send me an email at jmurr4221@yahoo.com.

If you are interested in a career coaching session or help with your resume, please reach out to me at resumesynergyjoe@gmail.com

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