What You Should Know BEFORE Hiring A Career Coach

If you’re looking to make a career change, or jumpstart your job search, you’ve probably thought about looking into hiring a Career Coach.  Then you ask yourself, but what does a Career Coach do and can they get me a job.

If you do a Google search, or you know what, go to Ask Jeeves and search Career Coach….if you don’t know what Ask Jeeves is you’re probably too young…but in 2 seconds, Ask Jeeves was a search engine back in 1820 when the internet first started.  Anyway, when you search Career Coach on the internet, you’ll get a ton of results and it’s overwhelming at times to decide if A, you should actually hire one, and B, how you should even go about finding one.

If you’re in this position don’t fear, this article will give you the information you need to know before hiring a career coach.

young energetic asian coach supporting plus size woman

What You Should Know: A Career Coach Shouldn’t Guarantee You a Job

Some people who hire a Career Coach are under the impression that this person will get them a job.  Better yet, there are Career Coaches that will even guarantee you that they will get you a job if you sign up for their services.

If you see any guarantees advertised on a website by a Career Coach, run in the other direction.  The only guarantees in this life are death, tees, and Tom Brady winning SuperBowls.  Besides the fac that it is virtually impossible for anyone to guarantee you a job, a Career Coach who is advertising this may not have your best interests in mind.  They could push you into roles that you aren’t interested in just to say that they got you a job and add you to their list. 

The only real guarantee that a career Coach can give you when it comes to a job is that they will put you in the best position to get the job you are looking for if you follow their guidance.  So, don’t get fooled by this phony offer, a Career Coach isn’t a key to unlocking a magic job.

What You Should Know: Beware of Prices

I get it, everyone must make a living.  In the coaching world though, there is no limit sometimes as to how much people will charge for their services.  Reasonable Career Coaches can charge anywhere from $75 to $150 per hour for a coaching session.  If you are higher up at the executive level, you might even see prices in the $200s for an hour.

young asian coach giving hand to plus size woman

Once you start seeing prices in the thousands for a one on one session though, you should start to wonder.  There are outliers in every business and maybe if you’re having a coaching session with a “celebrity” coach or someone who is extremely accomplished in the industry, or Jeff Bezos decides to become a Career Coach and leave Amazon, then maybe pricing in the $1000 range may be fair.

In all honesty though, if you’re paying thousands of dollars for hour coaching sessions you should really understand what you’re going to be getting for all that money.  There are some coaches who try and convince you that you’ll be taking a job that pays you $200,000 so it’s completely reasonable to pay $5000 for them to show you how to use LinkedIn for an hour.  Like I said, I get it that people need to make a living, but it’s important to understand what value you’re getting for your money.

smiling ethnic coach clapping hands to overweight female in gym

That’s not to say that someone charging $50 is giving great value either, they might just be scamming you for a quick $50.  You need to understand what the coach offers and how they can help you get to your goals.

What You Should Know: Credentials Are Important

In today’s world, anyone can watch a couple of YouTube videos, create a website, and then decide to become a Career Coach.  There is literally no barrier to entry at all.  If you are good at sales and marketing and can talk to people, you can make people believe anything.  This is a problem for the Career Services industry because it must deal with these types of people.

coach correcting black woman while doing lunges in park

Now, I’m not saying you need to take 100 certification courses and become a triple platinum certified Career Coach to get clients and make a name for yourself. It is important though to put the time and effort into learning and understanding the craft.  Whether it’s by getting certified or becoming an apprentice to someone already in the business.

Finding a credible Career Coach is important if you want to achieve your goals and get the best bang for your buck.

The Bottom Line:

The job searching world isn’t easy and finding a good Career Coach can be a life saver.  It’s extremely important though to do your homework before you hire someone and pay them $3000 to get you a job at Walmart (nothing wrong with Walmart I love the place but if you’re looking to become a Financial Advisor and wind up at Walmart that’s not great).  Finding someone who is trustworthy, has credentials and doesn’t make empty promises will help get you to the job that you’ve been looking for.

I should also put a disclaimer here at the bottom and say that I am a Career Coach myself, but I’ve tried to write this article as unbiased as possible.  So, if you want to hire a Career Coach, do your homework on me too before you reach out 😊

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