Handyman Hal vs Blippi: Who’s Better?

YouTube is a weird place.  I sometimes will search “garbage trucks” and let my son pick out a video to watch and there’s everything from real garbage trucks picking up trash, to strange garbage truck songs in different languages.

One day, at the top of those search results, a guy named Handyman Hal showed up.  I had never seen or heard of this guy before, but I was curious what he was doing with a garbage truck in the background.  My son was also pretty curious too, in fact, he was speechless.  This Handyman Hal guy was dressed like…you guessed it..a Handyman, and exploring the ins and outs of a garbage truck.

I thought to myself wow this guy seems very similar to someone else but couldn’t put my finger on it.  Then I watched some more of his videos and thought, “Oh my goodness, it’s Blippi with a Southern accent.”  And shockingly, or at this point, unshockingly, he had a gigantic following on YouTube.  I’m pretty familiar with a lot of children’s entertainment, but I had never heard of this guy in my life.

So after putting hours of thought into this, I decided to see if I could come to a conclusion on who is better, Handyman Hal or the King of Wacky…Blippi.  I am going to break it down into a few different categories, review their cement and see just who is the true Peewee Herman Jr.

1. Creativity

I did a little bit of research on this and Blippi started his YouTube channel back in 2014, while Handyman Hal did what most people did during the Coronavirus pandemic, started a YouTube channel…He started in April of 2020.  

If you aren’t familiar with Blippi’s videos, take some time and watch…well watch with your child because it will be more entertaining for them.  But basically, Blippi explores different places, teaches kids about things, and has some crazy catchy songs featuring Beethoven himself, Nicky Notes.

If you watch Handyman Hal’s channel, he does many of the same things but with a Southern accent.  We’ll get to the coolness factor a little while later, but in terms of creativity, Blippi gets the definite edge on this one.  I’m not quite sure if Handyman Hal does anything really original but hey, being original doesn’t always make you better.  The “Extra Crispy” version of KFC’s fried chicken is much better than the “Original” recipe….but I digress…

Winner: Blippi

2. Coolness

I will disclose this right up front for this category, I may be a bit biased.  Your kids probably won’t even care about this category either, but as a parent, it’s an important category.

After looking at Blippi for about a half of a second you realize this guy is more corny than a cornfield out in Iowa…or maybe about as corny as that comparison.  He’s got the crazy colorful overalls, a crazy hat, glasses, and a silly high voice.  Not criticizing him on the looks…well I guess I am…but it works because it catches everyone’s attention.

Handyman Hal on the other hand is dressed like a handyman with a hard hat, gloves, and a vest.  He’s got long greasy hair that reminds me of a WWE/F wrestler without all of the muscles and stuff.  He’s also got a smooth sounding Southern accent that just oozes coolness.  Although if you’re like my wife you may not think any of those things  as I said at the beginning of this category, I’m a little bit biased but hey what can I say, I like the South.

Winner: Hal..Hal..the Handyman

3. Content

This category is arguably the most important so I saved it for last.  It’s kind of a tough call because it really depends on what you and your child are in the mood for.

Blippi has a lot of great songs to go with his videos which really gives him a ton of points in this category.  His songs…well I should say Nicky Notes’ songs are some of the best you’ll hear in the world of Kids Music today.  When he includes them in his videos, it makes them more entertaining and just gives you a good vibe.

Handyman Hal isn’t really known for his music but he does go really in depth with his topic or place or thing of the day.  He also has a little Southern charm that he works into his videos which makes him a likable guy.

As much as I like the Southern charm though, it only takes him so far.  There’s a reason why Blippi is at the level he’s at…it’s because he’s that damn good.

Winner and Champion: Blippi

Blippi’s popularity in the Kids Entertainment space is close to unmatched for a human.  I say human because Cocomelon and Chu Chu TV are even more popular animated channels.  I’m also not even factoring in kids playing with other kids like Vlad and Niki and my favorite Ryan…bleh.

Blippi is actually one of the educational ones out there and his popularity in that space is impressive.  Handyman Hal is at least in the same conversation as Blippi but pretty far behind.

Sorry Handyman Hal…I like your style and everything, but Blippi is just on a different level.

Tell me what you think out there…Handyman Hal or Blippi?

3 thoughts on “Handyman Hal vs Blippi: Who’s Better?

  1. I did write a cool comment, but it was so long, and WP lost it when it asked me to login,

    but yes I love the comparison, BLippi all day every day,, they are both boys in Blue and Orange strangely 🙂

    Thanks yes I think they both have their own interesting styles. Hal has a long way to go to catcarch blippi


  2. I am glad I am not the only one that watched Blippi the first time and thought man this guy is PeeWee Herman jr.🤣🤣


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