What are the Best Job Search Sites to Use?

Monday mornings are tough I know, especially if you aren’t a big fan of your current job. That’s why I figured today was a good day to answer some questions I’ve been getting the past week. If these questions spark some questions from you, feel free to comment with a question or email us at resumesynergyjoe@gmail.com and maybe you’ll see your question in the next Monday Mailbag.

Question: Are job sites like Indeed.com and Monster.com still good to use even during the pandemic with high unemployment?

Answer: The short answer is yes but let me explain.  Indeed and Monster and job posting sites are great but they also shouldn’t be used as your primary source for job searching.  They’re good in the sense that if you search for industries you’re interested in, it will pull up a lot of jobs that are posted in the area that you’re looking.  The problem is with tons of people submitting their resume to the same positions, your resume has a high chance of falling into the abyss of the job posting.  Another issue that you’ll sometimes find is that employers forget to take the listing down after they’ve found their candidate so the posting may not always be up to date.  So while yes, these sites are a good tool to use, they are certainly not the end all and be all of your search.

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Question: It’s been a week since my interview and I’ve sent two follow up emails to the recruiter, should I send another?

Answer: So you probably don’t want to hear this but two follow ups in the same week falls in the category of being a little too aggressive.  Let’s pretend you just got home from a date and the other person called you continuously the next couple of days while you’re still trying to figure out whether you liked them or not.  Well that’s kind of how it feels to be on the interviewer side.  They are extremely busy doing a million different things including doing other interviews so they don’t need multiple follow ups from you, especially in a week.  My general rule of thumb is once during the week is good enough.  If they like you, they know where to find you, and while being persistent is a good thing, being too aggressive is a turn off.

Question: Do I need a Career Coach, there’s so much free content on Youtube and the internet, I can just use that.

Answer: Obviously I’m going to say yes because I am one right?  Well, I will say yes but not because I am one.  If you are someone who is looking for direction in their career and needs help finding the right job for you, a career coach may be good for you.  Now a career coach isn’t going to magically get you a job, but what he or she will do is put you in the best position to get where you want to be.  Whether it’s fixing up your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn or setting up coaching sessions to guide your career, a coach will help you gain some clarity.

Okay that’s it for the mailbag for today. I’ll empty some of the mail I get into a blog occasionally so keep an eye out and of course enjoy your Monday.

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