How to Know If You’re Joining A Multi-Level Marketing or Pyramid Scheme Company

You’ve probably heard of the show King of Queens starring Kevin James (when he was actually funny) and Leah Remini (when she was actually a Scientologist).  Well there was an episode where Doug gets approached by his neighbor with a great offer to sell water filtration systems and thinks it’s his way to make aContinue reading “How to Know If You’re Joining A Multi-Level Marketing or Pyramid Scheme Company”

How Much Does A Recruiting Agency Charge?

Recruiting agencies for job seekers can be both a useful resource and something to stay far away from depending on the situation.  While recruiters don’t work for free, if you are a job seeker, you should NEVER be paying out of pocket to work with a recruiting agency.  According to recruiters typically charge anywhereContinue reading “How Much Does A Recruiting Agency Charge?”

What are the Best Job Search Sites to Use?

Monday mornings are tough I know, especially if you aren’t a big fan of your current job. That’s why I figured today was a good day to answer some questions I’ve been getting the past week. If these questions spark some questions from you, feel free to comment with a question or email us atContinue reading “What are the Best Job Search Sites to Use?”

Bad Signs During A Phone Interview (and How You Can Save It!)

Have you ever talked to someone on the phone and just felt that the conversation wasn’t going well? I feel that way with about 99% of my phone calls with a certain cable TV provider. But I’m talking more about job interviews. You are excited that your resume finally got a hit and get thatContinue reading “Bad Signs During A Phone Interview (and How You Can Save It!)”

How Can I Network During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

If you’re like me, you are probably tired of hearing about COVID-19 and the damage it’s done on the world from the hundreds of thousands of deaths, overflowing hospitals, battered economies, and beaten down job markets. If you’ve lost your job you’re feeling it financially and emotionally, and if you’re looking over your shoulder at workContinue reading “How Can I Network During the COVID-19 Pandemic?”