Unemployed and Looking for A Job This Summer? Head to the Jersey Shore

This pandemic has left millions of Americans out of work, from Wall Street, to hospitality, to just about every sector, people have been getting let go from their jobs.  Good news though America, things are starting to get better.  The economy is starting to open back up and jobs are coming back.  For those of you out there who have been struggling to get interviews and need to pay bills, thinking outside of the box is extremely important. 

According to the Jersey Shore Chamber of Commerce, unlike any other summer, there is a high need for people to fill vacancies for numerous positions this summer.  If you’re thinking A, I work for the Jersey Shore Chamber of Commerce and I’m trying to help them out, that is false, until today I didn’t even know that was a thing, or B, I’m a Jersey guy trying to support my favorite place in the world, that’s also not true.  I could probably list about 100 other places I’d rather live or spend time at during the summer (Hawaii, Fiji, California, Italy, France, anywhere in Europe, even Georgia and Tennessee, and don’t forget about Florida).  Here’s a few reasons why I thought it was important to make a post dedicated to the most….unique place in the country:

orange mason jar in body of water
  • Taking a Summer Job at the Jersey Shore Is Thinking Outside the Box: If you’ve been unemployed since the pandemic hit in March of 2020, you are probably in a rut, checking job boards, networking, and doing the same things every day.  If you’re in a position where you can find a short term cheap rental or commute, working at the Jersey Shore could jump start your full time search.  I hate to say it, but sitting in your house every day, talking to your cat or dog, watching the same tv shows, and waiting to hear back from the same people, hasn’t worked for you yet, so you need to change your environment.  Now if you have a family, it may be difficult to just pick up and live down the shore for 3 months, but if you’re single, this should be an easier thought.  There are literally millions of people that are expected to be heading to the shore this year (and even though yes I am from New Jersey, I’m saying headed to the shore because I don’t want those people outside of NJ reading down the shore and getting confused)….there are millions and millions of people heading down the shore (there you go Jersey people) and if finding a position at a restaurant or a minigolf shop, or a bike shop sounds ridiculous to you, think of it as networking potential.
  • Think About Your Networking Potential: As mentioned in the last bullet, there will be millions of people at the Jersey Shore this summer looking to go on vacation after a rough summer of 2020.  Getting a job at a restaurant or ice cream shop or clothing shop may not sound ideal, especially if you were in a completely different field however, it’s all about networking.  Interacting with customers, and other employees is a great way to let people know your situation and what you’re looking to do.  It’s also a great way to make money if your unemployment is running out and you are faced with mounting bills.  Getting a job relies a lot on your people skills, so getting out of your comfort zone and putting in some hard work will definitely enhance those skills.
photography of body of water and mountains

If you’re reading this and still not convinced it’s a good idea then fine, spend the summer at home stagnant in your job search.  If you’re a college graduate with no job out of college and no family that is depending on you, it’s even more of a reason to find a way to get to the Jersey Shore.  You never know who you’ll meet (Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, okay you most likely won’t see them) and if you have your pitch ready, you can really open up that job search. 

So head to the Jersey Shore Chamber of Commerce website (https://jerseyshorechambernj.com/) and see what opportunities may be in your wheelhouse.  And if at the end of the summer you wind up with no additional job prospects at least you’ll have made some money and spent time at the beach, two things that don’t sound too bad to most people.

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