3 Tips For Balancing A Full-Time Job as A Working Parent

Remember when you were in your 20’s and all you needed to worry about was your job and what you were going to do on the weekends?  Those were the days weren’t they.  Well fast forward a couple years and now not only are you working 50 hours a week, but you also are aContinue reading “3 Tips For Balancing A Full-Time Job as A Working Parent”

3 Reasons Why Your Job Search Is Failing (And How to Fix It)

Searching for a job is hard….and stressful…and tiring…..and frustrating…..and sometimes it may even feel hopeless.  At times, it may feel like you are so stuck you are never going to get out of the place that you’re trying to get out of and you may as well give up. Well I’m here to tell youContinue reading “3 Reasons Why Your Job Search Is Failing (And How to Fix It)”

4 Hacks For Job Searching on LinkedIn

If you are looking for a job and aren’t using LinkedIn, you are making a mistake.  Now to be clear, I don’t work for LinkedIn and I’m not trying to sell you on their services, so this comes from an unbiased place.  But LinkedIn is basically a professional version of Facebook and if you’ve readContinue reading “4 Hacks For Job Searching on LinkedIn”

5 Qualities of a Great Manager

Being a Manager comes with a lot of responsibility.  For a company to succeed, employees must at least respect their Manager enough to A want to stay and B want to give effort.  So, what qualities make a successful Manager? Leadership Ability Compassion Communication Skills Knowledge People Person The list of qualities can go onContinue reading “5 Qualities of a Great Manager”

3 Resume Mistakes You’re Making

If you’ve created da resume, you probably already know that there’s about 1000 things to think about when writing one.  How long should it be?  Should I include my first job in 1932?  Do I have to write that I was a stay at home mom?  Should it be Word or PDF?  Should I putContinue reading “3 Resume Mistakes You’re Making”

Is Giving Two Weeks’ Notice Necessary?

You’re all ready to quit your job and planned out everything you’re going to say to your boss and your coworkers. You even decided to go the extra step and write a letter of resignation.  The question you ask yourself though, before you get the ball rolling is, “Do I need to give two weeks’Continue reading “Is Giving Two Weeks’ Notice Necessary?”

Helpful Hints For the Thank You Email After an Interview

You had a great interview and are excited about the potential job.  You’re eager to send a Thank You note to the person who interviewed you; but when should you send it?  24 hours? 48 hours? The same day? What should you say? How long should it be? First, take a deep breath.  It mayContinue reading “Helpful Hints For the Thank You Email After an Interview”

At What Age Should You Encourage Your Child To Start Working?

Thinking about putting your kid to work already huh?  For some reason I’m reminded of comedian Sebastian Maniscalco talking about how his dad told him to get a job at 8 years old.  I’d probably say 8 is a little young for a first, but those old school Italians didn’t fool around.  There are aContinue reading “At What Age Should You Encourage Your Child To Start Working?”

Do You Need to Write A Resignation Letter?

So you decided to quit your job. Congratulations, maybe, depending on your situation.  Hopefully you’re leaving because you got a better job or you’re moving to Fiji to live a relaxing life.  Whatever the case may be, your next thought is “Do I need to write a letter of resignation?”  I’ll cut right to theContinue reading “Do You Need to Write A Resignation Letter?”

Beware of These 3 Job Postings When Looking For a Job

“When something seems too good to be true, it usually is.”  I’m not sure who was the first person to use that phrase, maybe a caveman talking to another caveman about a cavewoman he saw, or the dinosaur to his dinosaur friend about the meteor coming straight for the earth.  Whoever said it, the statementContinue reading “Beware of These 3 Job Postings When Looking For a Job”