Cocomelon vs. ChuChu TV: The Workin’ Parent Review

If you have a toddler and haven’t heard of either Cocomelon or ChuChu TV, I think it’s safe to say you don’t live on planet Earth.  If you have, then you should spend the next couple minutes reading what I’m about to say very carefully.

Both Cocomelon and ChuChu TV are extremely popular, with millions and billions of views on YouTube, spots on Netflix, and on regular cable as well.  To toddlers, these guys and girls are as popular as The Beatles were in the 60’s, Elvis was in the 50’s and Michael Jackson was in the 80’s and 90’s.  They can basically stop a toddler in his or her tracks and have them mesmerized for as long as you have it on.

So, this is why I figured it was an important task to objectively review both Cocomelon and ChuChu TV.  I was going to ask my son, but he flip flops on his opinion more than I do bout whether I like Eminem or Michael Jackson more.  I’m going to review them by their quality, original songs, and Overall quality.

Quality and Animation

This one could be the biggest landslide of them all.  Now, I will preface it by saying that I am by no means a graphic designer, animator, or know anything about graphics more than what the average person does.  In fact, in school, Art was one of my worst subjects.  Now that we got that out of the way, when looking at the overall quality of the videos and music, it’s an easy answer.

Winner: Cocomelon

The graphics, smoothness (again not sure if that’s a thing) sound and character features are all way better when watching Cocomelon.  In fact, I was in a few parent discussion boards, and many of the reviews for ChuChu TV said something along the lines of the animation being disturbing. 

Cocomelon characters are more inviting, friendly and make you feel good while watching.  ChuChu TV characters are borderline scary and can be something you see in your nightmares when you fall asleep at night.  They also influence my son that they leave him staring at the TV and if I’m not interacting with him or singing along, he’ll just stare at the TV. 

That being said, if you want to buy some of these non-creepy Cocomelon characters, the Cocomelon house with the family makes the perfect gift. You can buy it by clicking HERE. It’ll keep your son or daughter occupied for hours. I promise.

**I receive commissions for purchases made through links on this post**

Original Music

For those of you who may have noticed, Cocomelon and ChuChu TV have some of the same songs, that you may have thought were originals.  Then you might ask yourself, well who came out first, Cocomelon or ChuChu TV?  According to Wikipedia (which is reliable) Cocomelon started in 2006 while ChuChu TV didn’t get started until 2013.  Now many of their songs are nursery rhymes (even some you didn’t realize) so when trying to find an original song, you have to do a little digging

You can take a listen to this song by Cocomelon called “The Breakfast Song” first.

Now take a listen to Rainbow Party by ChuChu TV

These are just two examples of original songs (with non original melodies) and for this writer, once again it’s clear who the winner is:

Winner: Cocomelon

Now, I understand that everyone has different musical preferences, but Cocomelon puts a little more creativity in writing their songs.  I’m certainly not bashing my friends at ChuChu TV and their 33.1 billion total views on the channel (a few more than me) but Cocomelon just does a better job writing songs.

Cocomelon has a ton of hits that can keep a kids party going all day and all night long, while ChuChu TVs original songs may come off as a bit, well, once again I’ll use the word creepy.

Overall Songs and Likeability

Don’t get me wrong here, Cocomelon is completely 100% not creepy, they do have some creepy vibes when you do some digging.  Allegedly, some of the kids in Cocomelon are named after murder victims from a Netflix documentary (again this is allegedly, you can do the digging for that investigation) and the actual real life Cocomelon people are a bigger mystery than how the pyramids were built.

Winner: Cocomelon

I know this seems like a landslide, but Cocomelon is just a better overall product.  Again, this isn’t knocking ChuChu TV, but it’s basically trying to compare Tom Brady to the rest of the competition.  Sure Peyton Manning was great and so was Brett Favre, but no one comes close to Brady.

Now, will your kids go through phases with each of these groups, yes, of course they will.  There’s only so much Cocomelon a kid can listen to before they need a break it’s only natural.  And hey, if you ask a 3 or 4 year old for their review, they may be a Chu Chu TV fan.  But when it comes down to quality and innovation, Cocomelon stands high above the crew at Chu Chu TV.

Do you agree with my review?  Let me know in the comments section below.

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