Is Cocomelon Bad for Toddlers?

Cocomelon is one of the most popular YouTube Channels on planet.  So, asking if it’s bad for toddlers may seem like a strange question.  If something seems like it’s a good thing, there must be something beneath the surface that’s bad right? If you’ve come here looking for conspiracy theories about how the creators ofContinue reading “Is Cocomelon Bad for Toddlers?”

Who is BabyBus? The Workin’ Parent Reviews the BabyBus YouTube Channel

Answering the question who is BabyBus has turned out to be more difficult than who shot John F. Kennedy…. okay well actually that’s an easier question because everyone knows it was the mafia.  BabyBus unfortunately, isn’t as easy of an answer as the mafia…. Although it would be even more entertaining if it was theContinue reading “Who is BabyBus? The Workin’ Parent Reviews the BabyBus YouTube Channel”

Should My Child Be Watching Blippi? The Workin’ Parent Reviews

If you’re a new parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or babysitter, you may be wondering who the heck this Blippi guy is.  First, I’d say I’m jealous that you don’t know who he is because I would love the power to unknow a person…. just kidding…kind of.  Blippi, whose real name is Stevin John…yes Stevin withContinue reading “Should My Child Be Watching Blippi? The Workin’ Parent Reviews”

Cocomelon vs. ChuChu TV: The Workin’ Parent Review

If you have a toddler and haven’t heard of either Cocomelon or ChuChu TV, I think it’s safe to say you don’t live on planet Earth.  If you have, then you should spend the next couple minutes reading what I’m about to say very carefully. Both Cocomelon and ChuChu TV are extremely popular, with millionsContinue reading “Cocomelon vs. ChuChu TV: The Workin’ Parent Review”