Your Guide to Winning: Preparing for Multiple Interviews on the Same Day

One of the trickiest parts of applying for jobs while you’re currently employed is the interview process.  Leaving work to go to an interview is not ideal, especially if you have limited vacation time.  You don’t want to be spending days and days going back and forth to interviews for opportunities that you might notContinue reading “Your Guide to Winning: Preparing for Multiple Interviews on the Same Day”

5 Fun and FREE Activities for Toddlers

As a parent, finding things to do with your toddler can sometimes be a part-time job, and as a parent of a toddler, you are always looking for things to keep them entertained.  And for some reason, probably a little after the tv was invented, society decided that sticking your kids in front of aContinue reading “5 Fun and FREE Activities for Toddlers”

What You Should Know BEFORE Hiring A Career Coach

If you’re looking to make a career change, or jumpstart your job search, you’ve probably thought about looking into hiring a Career Coach.  Then you ask yourself, but what does a Career Coach do and can they get me a job. If you do a Google search, or you know what, go to Ask JeevesContinue reading “What You Should Know BEFORE Hiring A Career Coach”

Working From Home Vs. At The Office As a Parent

Since the invention of offices, the daily grind has been commuting to the office, stay at your office until work is over, and then commute home from your office.  If you were lucky, you didn’t have too long of a commute to the office, but many people spend years of their life commuting.  As technologyContinue reading “Working From Home Vs. At The Office As a Parent”

Your Guide to Answering Difficult Interview Questions If You’re Currently Unemployed

You’ve been out of work for a while, but finally you got that long awaited interview.  You’re probably nervous and excited and wondering what interview questions you should be preparing for.  Whether it’s a phone interview with a recruiter or a Hiring Manager, there are a few questions that you may get asked b yContinue reading “Your Guide to Answering Difficult Interview Questions If You’re Currently Unemployed”

3 Reasons Why Your Job Search Is Failing (And How to Fix It)

Searching for a job is hard….and stressful…and tiring…..and frustrating…..and sometimes it may even feel hopeless.  At times, it may feel like you are so stuck you are never going to get out of the place that you’re trying to get out of and you may as well give up. Well I’m here to tell youContinue reading “3 Reasons Why Your Job Search Is Failing (And How to Fix It)”

4 Hacks For Job Searching on LinkedIn

If you are looking for a job and aren’t using LinkedIn, you are making a mistake.  Now to be clear, I don’t work for LinkedIn and I’m not trying to sell you on their services, so this comes from an unbiased place.  But LinkedIn is basically a professional version of Facebook and if you’ve readContinue reading “4 Hacks For Job Searching on LinkedIn”

Is Your Workplace Toxic?

For someone who is working in a toxic workplace, they may not even realize it because it’s something they deal with on an everyday basis and have become accustomed to.  It’s only when they leave that they realize the horse poop they’ve had to deal with.  I’m not just talking about having to stay atContinue reading “Is Your Workplace Toxic?”

The 3 Best Ways to Get Picky Kids to Eat Vegetables

There’s a certain point after a child starts eating solid food that they realize, “Hey, wait a minute, broccoli doesn’t taste so great.”  I’m not sure if these toddlers have a meeting and decide one day that they are just going to stop eating vegetables, but one day they’re loving them and the next, it’sContinue reading “The 3 Best Ways to Get Picky Kids to Eat Vegetables”

5 Qualities of a Great Manager

Being a Manager comes with a lot of responsibility.  For a company to succeed, employees must at least respect their Manager enough to A want to stay and B want to give effort.  So, what qualities make a successful Manager? Leadership Ability Compassion Communication Skills Knowledge People Person The list of qualities can go onContinue reading “5 Qualities of a Great Manager”