Is Your Workplace Toxic?

For someone who is working in a toxic workplace, they may not even realize it because it’s something they deal with on an everyday basis and have become accustomed to.  It’s only when they leave that they realize the horse poop they’ve had to deal with.  I’m not just talking about having to stay atContinue reading “Is Your Workplace Toxic?”

5 Qualities of a Great Manager

Being a Manager comes with a lot of responsibility.  For a company to succeed, employees must at least respect their Manager enough to A want to stay and B want to give effort.  So, what qualities make a successful Manager? Leadership Ability Compassion Communication Skills Knowledge People Person The list of qualities can go onContinue reading “5 Qualities of a Great Manager”

Helpful Hints For the Thank You Email After an Interview

You had a great interview and are excited about the potential job.  You’re eager to send a Thank You note to the person who interviewed you; but when should you send it?  24 hours? 48 hours? The same day? What should you say? How long should it be? First, take a deep breath.  It mayContinue reading “Helpful Hints For the Thank You Email After an Interview”

Do You Need to Write A Resignation Letter?

So you decided to quit your job. Congratulations, maybe, depending on your situation.  Hopefully you’re leaving because you got a better job or you’re moving to Fiji to live a relaxing life.  Whatever the case may be, your next thought is “Do I need to write a letter of resignation?”  I’ll cut right to theContinue reading “Do You Need to Write A Resignation Letter?”

3 Things You Need to Know About Navigating Your Relationship with Coworkers

NO, this isn’t a post about those kind of work relationships.  Maybe I’ll leave it for Valentine’s Day to talk about dating coworkers.  I’m talking about navigating friendships with coworkers.  Many of us work with people who we consider friends; heck, you might even catch a movie with them on a Friday night or grabContinue reading “3 Things You Need to Know About Navigating Your Relationship with Coworkers”