3 Resume Mistakes You’re Making

If you’ve created da resume, you probably already know that there’s about 1000 things to think about when writing one.  How long should it be?  Should I include my first job in 1932?  Do I have to write that I was a stay at home mom?  Should it be Word or PDF?  Should I putContinue reading “3 Resume Mistakes You’re Making”

Should You Go Back To School To Get Your Master’s Degree?

It seems like a great idea doesn’t it?  You’re having trouble finding a job so you decide, maybe I’ll pause my job search, go back to school, get a Master’s degree and come out and find a job that will pay me more because I now have a shiny new degree.  I hate to burstContinue reading “Should You Go Back To School To Get Your Master’s Degree?”

The Guide For Choosing Word or PDF For Your Resume

This question is one of the most hotly debated question in 2021….okay I guess there may have been a few more pressing issues so far this year.  It is though, a pretty popular question when it comes to resumes.  Which format is better, Word or PDF?  Does it even really matter? The answer is, yesContinue reading “The Guide For Choosing Word or PDF For Your Resume”

The Number 1 Mistake You’re Making That’s Derailing Your Job Search

Okay it’s time for a rant.  I don’t think I’ve ranted in all of my posts yet which is a pretty good streak.  As a Career Coach and Resume Writer, a big source of income for me is writing resumes so what I’m going to say isn’t something you’ll hear from 99% of resume writersContinue reading “The Number 1 Mistake You’re Making That’s Derailing Your Job Search”

What You Need to Know about Gaps in Your Resume

“Ahh I have gaps in my resume, now no one will want to hire me!!!”  I hear this all the time and if you’re one of those people who are freaking out because there is a gap or two in your resume, grab a cup of coffee and relax. (Actually I think coffee is supposedContinue reading “What You Need to Know about Gaps in Your Resume”

Is A Cover Letter Necessary in 2021?

Dear People Still Writing Cover Letters, According to many job application sites like Monster and Indeed and various news outlets, hiring managers spend about 6 seconds reading an applicant’s resume. 6 seconds. If that seems fast, it is. I don’t think I can do anything in 6 seconds…well maybe eat my entire dinner so IContinue reading “Is A Cover Letter Necessary in 2021?”