What are the Best Job Search Sites to Use?

Monday mornings are tough I know, especially if you aren’t a big fan of your current job. That’s why I figured today was a good day to answer some questions I’ve been getting the past week. If these questions spark some questions from you, feel free to comment with a question or email us atContinue reading “What are the Best Job Search Sites to Use?”

3 Ways to Help You Stay Positive While Working From Home

Talk about a polarizing topic, forget the 2020 election and the Mask vs. No Mask debate, ask someone if they enjoy working from home and you’ll get very different answers depending on who you ask. In a recent survey done by PWC about 60% of employees say that it has been successful being completely remote.Continue reading “3 Ways to Help You Stay Positive While Working From Home”

Bad Signs During A Phone Interview (and How You Can Save It!)

Have you ever talked to someone on the phone and just felt that the conversation wasn’t going well? I feel that way with about 99% of my phone calls with a certain cable TV provider. But I’m talking more about job interviews. You are excited that your resume finally got a hit and get thatContinue reading “Bad Signs During A Phone Interview (and How You Can Save It!)”

Should You Use Another Job Offer As Leverage For a Raise? (LinkedIn Post Reaction)

I was on LinkedIn and saw an interesting article posted by The Sydney Morning Herald and the title of the article peaked my interest. (Go read it if you haven’t checked it out). Then I thought, “Hey maybe not everyone reads the morning news outlets in Australian so why not talk about it here. TheContinue reading “Should You Use Another Job Offer As Leverage For a Raise? (LinkedIn Post Reaction)”

Is A Cover Letter Necessary?

Dear People Still Writing Cover Letters, According to many job application sites like Monster and Indeed and various news outlets, hiring managers spend about 6 seconds reading an applicant’s resume. 6 seconds. If that seems fast, it is. I don’t think I can do anything in 6 seconds…well maybe eat my entire dinner so IContinue reading “Is A Cover Letter Necessary?”

Should You Let Your Child Watch YouTube Videos?

Being a parent in 2021 isn’t easy let’s face it. Not counting a global pandemic to worry about, every day we’re competing with technology. Don’t worry this isn’t a technology is bad post. I’m actually watching YouTube while I write this post. Technology and kids is a hot topic and parents have a wide rangeContinue reading “Should You Let Your Child Watch YouTube Videos?”

What Are The Best Vending Machine Snacks for the Office?

On Fridays I like to keep it light.  Not make too many important decisions (well besides what’s for dinner) and try not to work my brain too hard. I figure if you’re reading this you probably fall into the same category. So let’s take a break from thinking about networking, interviewing, and resumes, and focusContinue reading “What Are The Best Vending Machine Snacks for the Office?”

What Mistakes are You Making on Your Phone Interview

Raise your hand if you love phone interviews….didn’t think so. They can be intimidating for first time job seekers and taken too lightly by seasoned professionals. Most of the times they’re done by recruiters who are essentially checking to see if the potential candidate at least has a pulse. Well there’s more to it thanContinue reading “What Mistakes are You Making on Your Phone Interview”

How Can I Network During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

If you’re like me, you are probably tired of hearing about COVID-19 and the damage it’s done on the world from the hundreds of thousands of deaths, overflowing hospitals, battered economies, and beaten down job markets. If you’ve lost your job you’re feeling it financially and emotionally, and if you’re looking over your shoulder at workContinue reading “How Can I Network During the COVID-19 Pandemic?”